Hours of operation
  Weekdays Holidays
Park 09:30~17:00 09:30~17:30
Hours of tickets booth 9:30~15:00 9:30~15:00
Museum 09:30~17:00 09:30~17:00
Show Time
表演節目   Time  
Formosa Square Theater   13:30
Culture Square 16:20
Pestle Music stage 13:00
Bunun Tribe 15:40
Attraction Operation
  Weekdays Holidays
Spanish Armada 10:00-12:00 、12:30-16:00 10:00-12:00 、12:30-17:00
UFO Gyro Drop 10:00-12:30 、13:00-17:00
Maya Adventure 10:00-17:00
Gold Mine Adventure 10:30-17:00 10:00-17:00
Wild Raft Ride 10:30-12:30 、13:00-16:00 10:00-12:30 、13:00-17:00
The Rest Attractions 09:30-17:00 09:30-17:30
Operating Hours of Ropeway
  Weekdays Holidays 備註
SML Ropeway & Skyline Ropeway 10:30-16:00 10:00-16:30 The first Wednesday of the month is the maintenance day of SML Ropeway. Also, there are annual maintenance days in January and June. For more information, please see the maintenance announcement.
Courtesy Bus Hours
Running Hours Time Remark
Begin at 9:30 am and end at 16:45 Every 20 minutes a bus to leave the station. Yet it is flexible as need. The bus is available for ask to stop by the village zone. Please refer to the staff of nearby shops.